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Reality Mangement

(formerley Closure Facilitators & Reality Management or CF+RM)


Retreat-style Seminar in the Glasshouse Mountains, 

Sunshine Coast of Australia

April 2022 -  Dates to come!
*meals and accommodation included

Reality Management is the implementation of intention emanating from Natural Relationship.

Relationship with our Mother Earth…. Relationship with The Soul of Humanity.

Closure Facilitators & Reality Management 

Retreat-style Seminar in the Glasshouse Mountains, 

Sunshine Coast of Australia


*meals and accommodation included*


Closure is a life changing exercise. 

It's about agreements and contracts coming to an end with honour, acknowledgement, gratitude, love and respect.


Reality Management is not about authoritarian control.

Reality Management is about living an energy, a state of Being and a set of values.   This approach honours the soul level agreements with all beings in our co-creative processes. 

When you bring balance into your agreements, you can create lasting change in all your experiences; in your relationships and even with specific archetypes & themes manifesting your life.  Having an impact and making a difference in peoples lives has always felt good to me.  I am living the calling deep down inside of me, to stand up and share knowledge wisdom and love in empowered contribution to our Humanity.

Reality Management is how we stand true and create the new.

Facilitator, George Kavassilas

Imagine the full transformational experience of  Realty Management Workshop whilst nestled in the picturesque Glasshouse Mountains of the Sunshine Coast, Australia and nurtured in beautiful grandmother medicine of the land...


  • Learn/remember powerful tools and techniques in reality management that support you in embodying your natural creative process.
  • Working in conscious relationship with the elements.
  • Engage in the power of asking questions and receiving answers in context, igniting invaluable realisations and course-corrections.  This supports you to feel satisfied, substantial in nature and whole, because you can dig deeper into an enquiry until the pieces of the puzzle come together.
  • Meet your soul family, either live or online.  By connecting with others who are on a similar journey (many of whom will probably seem familiar) you’ll feel supported, inspired and empowered.
  • Experience George in person, helping you to better understand where he's coming from and access deeper layers of meaning within his work.
  • In all honesty, we go way deeper as we adventure into what it means to be a responsible Creator Being.
  • Our journey into creating worlds
  • I am humbled in your consideration and look forward to co-creating this experience with you,
    Thank You


This Reality Management (RM) is an immersive 2-Day/3 night Event.

This Reality Management workshop event is at the 'Bearthing Remembering Centre' in the Glasshouse Mountains.  There are various accommodation options available, and I am so excited to be sharing this transformative information with you whilst being immersed in the energies of these powerful mountains. 

All accommodation and meals included.

There is also a day attendance option only without the accommodation. Any meals can be an optional add-on. 


Cost & Pricing Options

The full Reality Management Workshop including accommodation and meals for 3 nights and 2 days range from $1060 to $1282, depending on whether you select:

  • Homestay share style spacious rooms (4 beds in room) 3 rooms available (shared amenities)
  • Home stay private room  QS bed - 1 room available (shared amenities) 
  • Orchard View Cabin - Private luxury self-contained cabin - QS Bed & fold out double (1 available)

For full details of accommodation options and pricing see the FAQs. 



Closure Level Three is an aspect of Universal Lore and an integral part of Reality Management.
It is a bridging of Soul Level Agreements with all aspects of reality itself , as we establish conscious relationship in our co-creative process.

When you bring this degree of Closure to your agreements, you can create lasting change in all your experiences; in your relationships and with specific archetypes & themes manifesting your life.

Honouring the elements and the process and all who have been involved.  In order for us to truly be free and sovereign, both sides need to be released from co-created agreements and contracts.

We recognise and acknowledge the value, the worth and the meaningfulness of the agreement - its purpose, reason and original intention.

"Closure Level Three is about opening up and unpacking Agreements into a much finer detail."

Reality Management focuses on changing reality. 


This workshop is not for beginners, as an attendee you will have:

  • Completed Transcending the God Matrix (TGM), either in person, online.
  • Read/listened to my book Our Universal Journey, and
  • Be well-versed in my work through membership of the We Are Infinite Community.

Beforehand, you will need to review the materials shared in TGM and be very familiar with Modules Two, Three & Five.

For this workshop to be of value to you, you must have a clear inner-standing of what was shared in TGM, especially that we live in a multi-dimensional Universe and that we are Infinite Beings beyond this Universal Creation.  You therefore inherently know you are a natural Creator Being, and you are ready to step into supporting and facilitating others through this process.

It is time for us to reclaim and embody our Sovereign Infinite Beingness so we may respectfully forge a new path in this reality.

Please consider participation carefully as I would love to see you there, and seek only for you to register if you genuinely want to expand your use of Closure in your personal and professional life.


If you haven't met the Reality Management Workshop requirements at this stage - and would like to complete this course in the future - see the below details to meet the course requirements.


Welcome home to the Heart of your Natural Sovereign Soul and the purity of your Infinite Beingness.  It is time for us to step up, reclaim this so we may respectfully forge a new path in this reality.


This book answers the call revealing life’s biggest concepts, delivering this complex knowledge in a way that is simplistic and resoundingly authentic, like a great and beautiful secret we already know.


Join with others in exploring how to navigate the matrix and the transformation of Mother Earth and Humanity.  You don't have to walk through this reality alone any more...


We now want to share this experience with you!

The Retreat Space and Surrounds...

Crookneck Bearthing Remembering Centre is nestled in the heart of the Glasshouse Mountains and between 5-10min drive to "Beerwah", "Tibrogargan" and the Glasshouse Mountains Look-out.  Mt Ngungun is a 5min drive away and short but steep climb up the mountain to get a spectacular sunrise.

Crookneck retreat is located at the base of Mt Coonowrin {Crookneck} one of the National Heritage listed Glasshouse Mts.  It also backs onto a national park, giving the property the diversity of native fauna and flora while nestled amongst 10 acre orchard farm, including Macadamia, Pecan, Mangoes and Native bush fruit.

The spectacular views and the mystical legends of Glasshouse Mountains make it a must see destination.  Glasshouse brings you back to nature giving you a tranquil laidback setting less than one hour drive north of Brisbane.  Glasshouse is central to both the golden beaches of Sunshine Coast and the many quaint historical towns of the hinterland.

Enjoy the hiking trails
Take in a beautiful sunrise
Rest & rejuvenate in style
Facilities at the Bearthing Remembering Centre
  • Either self-contained luxury cabin accommodation {limited spots!} or simple luxury homestay shared rooms and facilities
  • Saltwater pool - great to dip in between sessions
  • The Circle - a place to sit and simply be with the land and the elements
  • Fire pit and circle - to enjoy each evening after dinner
  • Shared dining area and daybed - all meals and tea/coffee included {for retreat day passes only, meals can be purchased in addition}
  • Many secret spots and portals throughout the land to support and nurture you through your experience!
Bearthing Remembering Centre Photo Gallery

Click through the photo gallery to get a good feel for the gorgeous retreat space and surrounds...



Alternatively, see below payment options to purchase a day-entry/RM only option without accommodation and meals