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Navigating the Crown Virus

Hi and Welcome.

This is the replay for the live webinar, 'Navigating the Crown Virus' held on 21st March 2020.

This is an epic webinar with over 7hours of substantial content, including tools and techniques to better help you navigate through this current challenge.

Welcome to the next stage in the "Orwellian Unfoldment" as Layer One is being dismantled by Layers Two and Three! These layers are in reference to my table of statements titled; 'The Three Layers of Imposition Upon Humanity'.

This video explains the big picture and the larger ecosystem behind this apparent viral pandemic or more accurately - pan-hysteria.  Earlier in mid February 2020 and again in early March 2020 I was one of many involved in two MAJOR Exo-Political Events. 

These events have had a most significant influence in the bringing forward these acts of desperation by the controlling factions on our Planet Earth.  We are baring witness to the dissolving of Layer One - of the global governing hierarchy.  In this video, I explain in detail these events and how they have impacted our reality. 

I also share tools and techniques that will better help you navigate through these and future challenging times.

There is a Group Closure, and we also implement together the phasing out technique. 
I also share a plethora of knowledge and wisdom in regards to help empower you.

Thank you for your consideration. 
In love liberation and fortitude

George Kavassilas

I am Infinite!