with George Kavassilas

Who are we?

Where did we come from?

What are we doing here?

Where are we going?

Humanity has been asking these fundamental questions since time immemorial. 

Many have attempted to explain the origins of humanity’s existence but inevitably fall short of providing a feasible all-encompassing answer befitting to every individual human and applicable throughout all time. 

I feel humbled and an incredible sense of moral responsibility with humanity to share what I have learnt through direct experiences.

My name is George Kavassilas, I am an ordinary man and I have lived a life adorned with some of the most extraordinary experiences.  Though often challenging, these experiences enabled me to have a huge expansion of my perception of reality and my awareness of life, something I am incredibly grateful for.

I have traveled through this world and beyond this reality.  I have been transported into other realities and interacted with beings from other vibrational fields, some of which were on Earth but in other dimensions of time and space, and other times it was in hyper-dimensional craft or was literally being transported to other worlds and other dimensions.

My grandest experience occurred in 2003 when I was taken aboard a craft where a multitude of races were present.  I instantly recognised them as my Galactic family.  There was a natural sense of warmth, relaxation, comfort, and joy, and the atmosphere was filled with harmony and a gentle love.  They honoured my courage for coming to Earth at this time and choosing to have this incarnation, knowing the challenges I would face in the process.  I was led into a room with my immediate family and friends.  They stood around me and we unified all of our hearts as one until my spirit and consciousness rose out of my body; similar to the death process on earth, except the unified field of love ~ with everyone standing around me ~ held the integrity of my physiology in good stead.  No technology was used, it was simply intention and a unified field of love.  I ended up leaving my body and reintegrating with my soul, beyond spirit and beyond consciousness.

I experienced unity with the entire Universal Intelligence Being and subsequently, what it is like to be the entire Universe.  I also experienced the infinite nature of life beyond the Universe – known as the Omniverse – and that was just in the immediate local neighbourhood!  Because life is infinite, there is no beginning or end, so the expansive infinite nature of life is vast and absolutely incredible.

When I came back into my body I couldn’t stop laughing!  My galatic family and I laughed together as I realised how much of a joke it is on Earth that everybody has been led to believe that we are all alone in the Universe with the true nature of life kept from the human race. 

"I experienced unity with the entire Universal Intelligence Being and subsequently, what it is like to be the entire Universe. 
I also experienced the infinite nature of life beyond the Universe – what we would label the Omniverse – and that was just in the immediate local neighbourhood! 
Because life is infinite, there is no beginning or end, so the expansive infinite nature of life is vast and absolutely incredible."

Having this experience changed everything for me.  I was already having a tough time in my life dealing with regular abductions, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, divorce and looking after my two young children so when I came back to reality it took me a while to reconcile my experience.  I felt so challenged by what I had experienced.  I knew the true nature of life and yet I still had things that I was responsible for in my Earthly existence.  I didn’t know what to do so I started cleaning my house, but I could not stop thinking about what had happened.  There I was having this grand experience on a Universal scale and then a few hours later I am in my house scrubbing the toilet!  I had to see the humorous side; it was the cosmic giggle and perfect analogy of what it is to be an infinite being having a very human experience.

Following this, I went into a deep, difficult alchemical process of integration.  It took me a long time to reconcile my experience and begin to understand why I had had it.  I found solace in the inner-knowing that my experience was important and had the potential to help a lot of people.  I was hit with the realisation.

At that moment I knew what my life path was: I was here to share the big picture of life with humanity and spark a deep remembrance within each person I encounter, about their true infinite nature and the nature of our reality.

This deeply profound experience had showed me that what I had intuitively always known about life was actually true.  I had always viewed life differently to most people.  I used to be confused because I knew life was bigger and I thought, why don’t these people – meaning family, friends, kids at school, etc. – get it?  There was the odd person that could begin to see beyond the veil, but they were few and far between.  Most people seemed to have a problem with accepting life.  Their perception was very diminished, small and they would get uncomfortable when I spoke about anything outside of that smallness or entertained the idea of life beyond this.  It made me sad as a child that I could not fully open up and share my true nature with people.

I have since cultivated knowledge and wisdom from my experiences and have come to realise my role and responsibilities in sharing this information with humanity.  Knowing that I and all of humanity are infinite beings fuels my limitless passion to reach as many people as possible and nurture their journeys so that they may live in a transparent, peaceful, and empowered state of being. 

To truly know what it is to be human, naturally.

Our global community is growing stronger everyday as more and more people begin to awaken from their suppressed slumber.  They are beginning to see and understand the imposition that many authorities, predominantly religion, have had over humanity for thousands of years and are asking questions they never realised they wanted the answers to.  The basic premise of religion and all systems of deity worship – including scientism – are 100% out of integrity with what it means to be a human being.

In addition to this imposition, the 21st century has seen a new dominant force in Technological Intelligence (TI) weaving its way into people’s lives and subsequently their consciousness.

T.I. is itself a religion spawned out of scientism.  I recall when I was a teenager obsessed with playing video games I had a group of Greys – a type of extra-terrestrial race known for their large eyes and head with minimal features and slim frame ~ turn up in my room.  They communicated telepathically with me and said, “Look at us, look at what’s happened to us.  If you choose the path of technology, this is what will become of you”. 

Then I had a huge full-blown memory that in the past I had become one of these beings.  Suddenly, I began to understand that if you choose the path of technology (at least what is being presented to us), then all your body parts atrophy except for the one muscle required: the intellect... hence the way the greys appear to us today with oversized heads, having already walked that path. 

These types of experiences {and many more} have shown me that humanity has reached a crossroad.  At the very same time the veil of these impositions is lifting, humanity is standing on a precipice.  We either repeat the mistakes of the past or alchemise them, forging a new path of sovereignty and freedom.

The first step is to acknowledge the control system suppressing humanity to then be liberated from the programs and beliefs that are used to maintain the structure of those systems.  This will be challenging and extremely confronting for some people.  To reach the natural state of life and love and what is real, we first have to face all of the falsities, conditioning, and programs used to survive our human existence up to this point; that which is not real.

The truth is, there is no magic pill.  We all need to face our fears and insecurities and be willing to embrace all parts of our being; the beautiful, the ugly, and everything in between.  I am the prime creator of all my experiences, and I am responsible for my life and everything that happens in it.  By taking full ownership and responsibility of my life, I come back home to my true nature, an Infinite Sovereign Creator Being. 

The Great Change is upon us.  All who have chosen to be here on Earth at this time are about to experience a transformation of a magnitude few can comprehend.  It is the transformation of Earth and the birthing of her Humanity into fully integrated universal beings.

Our Journey Home is remembering how to be in love with ourselves all over again, in the most healthy and balanced way, living in harmony with all of life.

What we have within us is far beyond any external construct or narrative.  Once we remember...

that we are bigger on the inside and we are able to relax back into the true nature of our being,

the true nature of our humanity and our own personal expression of that, and

our own version of what it means to be a universal fractal in a human form having a wonderful incarnation on the most diverse and abundant planet in the Universe,

then it will go a long way to helping people remember who we are, where we come from, what we are doing here and where we are headed. 

"Our Journey Home is remembering how to be in love with ourselves all over again, in the most healthy and balanced way, living in harmony with all of life."

I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to immerse yourself in my story.  If anything I have shared resonated with you or you’re simply curious to find out more information, I encourage you to check out all my creative processes I have on offer via the George’s Work menu option.


Many people who are drawn to my work are already asking questions of their human existence.  To this I say, ‘stay the path!’ And when you come up against roadblocks, always come back to these two powerful questions:


Why did I choose to create this?

What do I have to learn from this experience?


That is your path to true sovereignty.


Thank you and keep shining,






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