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Welcome to the home of Super Woo Radio.  These are podcast-style interviews with open dialogue exploring new frontiers of our emerging humanity.  The diverse range of topics covered are far beyond ordinary 'woo', they are super woo!

Super Woo Radio Episode 042

7 August 2020

In this highly illuminating call, we dove into the world of 'Homo Luminous' and the false light/false dark matrix with my good friend Jim Granger.  Join us we take a journey of remembrance together and deepen your understanding of what is playing out in the world right now.


Super Woo Radio Episode 041

30 July 2020

In this mind blowing episode of Super Woo Radio I took a deep dive into our physical bodies, our health, what makes our bodies tick and the multi dimensional nature of our physiology and so much more with the amazing Katia Trost - (beyond!) Licensed Naturopath + Trauma Therapist from Germany. 


Super Woo Radio Episode 040 

6 July 2020

In this episode of Super Woo Radio I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down to chat with my dear friend Holly McCann - Founding Co-creator and Vision Whisperer of 'Grail Leadership'. We covered SO much in this conversation and I'm super excited to finally be sharing it with you.


Super Woo Radio Episode 039 

25 June 2020

"The Woo" is back!

And what better way to kick things off than coming full circle and chatting with the man who helped me start it all.  

This was an epic conversation that you won't want to miss! 


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