The Dance

the dance Apr 10, 2021

Hallo Beautiful People

There is a part of us that seeks the natural experience of life...our heart that just wants what is real. 
In all my years of inter-dimensional experiences I find we tend to fluctuate in and out of that multidimensional state.  We get a taste of life outside the control matrix just for a little while and it feels good, it feels gentle, graceful, peaceful, subtle.  It feels comfortable, harmonious.  It feels… steady. 
And then the more we participate in society, the more we interact with friends and family, media, jobs, work associates, traffic, shopping centres and paying bills etc., we tend to lose it again. 
So why do we find it so difficult to hold that state of Being?

I realise that you likely already know this, but what I find extremely effective is changing our approach and the way we think. 

When we approach an issue or circumstance from a different perspective, we alter our experience of it and its accompanying...


Re-evaluating Our Warrior Archetype


Recorded 11 Nov 2020 {Remembrance Day} George dives into a powerful topic regarding our warrior archetypes, filmed from the top of Coolum Mountain, aka the "Wounded Warrior".


The Principle of Closure

closure universal lore Apr 01, 2017

Universal Lore and the Principal of Closure.

Closure is crucial to where we are at in our Universal journey and is an integral part of my course content.  In this video, I share with you the basic premise and dynamics of this most powerful tool so you can begin to grasp the concept and get a feel for what it is and how it works.

Once you understand the principles, you can implement closure to any relationship or any circumstance, with any being, on any level of reality.  Closure is a powerful tool!





The New "New World Order"

If we want to understand how to deal with the global imposition of artificial intelligence, we need to understand who is implementing it on the geo-political level and what their philosophical values are.

As many of you know, I am not a researcher or reader of books. Have not read a book for over 8 years. Last July I completed 50 orbits around the Sun and have only read about a dozen books my entire life. Two of those books were read in my last year of High School: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (1932) and Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell (1948).

Ironically, my final year at school was the class of 1984. Please bear these two books in mind as we venture further into this line of inquiry.

For those who are familiar with my work, you will have seen this following diagram before. It is a diagram I created many years ago explaining the three levels of control being imposed onto our planet and our humanity.

I am sharing this diagram with you here because what is now emerging is...


Beta Tested

This is the follow-up newsletter to my previous one, titled ‘Beamed”.

In that last newsletter, I shared with you my experience of being beamed with a technology that influenced my mental and emotional states over a period of 2 days. This in turn had an impact on my physical body.

I have experienced many forms of technologies during my extensive inter-dimensional and extra-terrestrial experiences. But this was different … something new.

Since writing my previous newsletter, I’ve continued and deepened my investigation.

I have always shared from direct experience and the following information is no different.

What you are about to read exposes the way Malevolent AI intends to bisect us from our Mother Planet.

This is an insidious violation of our connection to our natural existence and our sovereignty.

Before we go any further, I need to give you some context.

We are approaching an auspicious and decisive point in our journey. There is a multi-faceted,...


Beamed - A Recent Experience

mind control technology Sep 29, 2016

What I am about to share is NOT a fantasy, NOR is it a conspiracy theory. 

This is not about fear mongering.  This is a sharing from a direct experience and is about awareness and empowerment.  

This experience illustrates what is happening all around us. I have been warning of this technology for several years now.

I feel strongly compelled to share this recent experience with you as it affects all of us, without exception. In my opinion, this needs to be one of the major issues front and centre in the freethinking community rather than the circus distraction of the US Election campaign and other associated drama vortexes.


Around 3 days after my TGM course, I started to feel quite drained of energy.  I felt mentally and emotionally challenged in a way that impaired my ability to function with any form of clarity whatsoever.   My body also felt dramatically weakened.

My immediate friends started becoming concerned as it was beginning to...


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