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mind control technology Sep 29, 2016

What I am about to share is NOT a fantasy, NOR is it a conspiracy theory. 

This is not about fear mongering.  This is a sharing from a direct experience and is about awareness and empowerment.  

This experience illustrates what is happening all around us. I have been warning of this technology for several years now.

I feel strongly compelled to share this recent experience with you as it affects all of us, without exception. In my opinion, this needs to be one of the major issues front and centre in the freethinking community rather than the circus distraction of the US Election campaign and other associated drama vortexes.


Around 3 days after my TGM course, I started to feel quite drained of energy.  I felt mentally and emotionally challenged in a way that impaired my ability to function with any form of clarity whatsoever.   My body also felt dramatically weakened.

My immediate friends started becoming concerned as it was beginning to have an effect on their energies as well.

Please note: I was severely incapacitated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibro-Myalgia for over a decade. I am very familiar with how my body feels and specifically what fatigue feels like.  This was different!

The main theme of the way I was feeling was despair.   This despair was just plain awful; it was amplified beyond belief and was targeting my will.  I was bathing in it.   For several days I struggled to even function on a basic level and I felt extremely discombobulated.

After around 3 days of observing my state of being, I reached my threshold of tolerance for this experience.   My warrior-self emerged from within and I embarked deep into my usual internal processes of inquiry.

As I share in my workshops, whenever faced with a challenge the two main questions I always ask are:

Why did I choose to create this?
What do I have to learn from this experience?

By asking these two basic questions, we are immediately removing ourselves from the victim archetype and stepping straight into our Creatorship.  We are no longer playing the game of pain and blame, because we are owning all that we experience as a result of our creative evolutionary path in this Universe.

Clarity is freedom!

Once we remove and/or rise above the programmed distortion fields of habitual subservient behavioural patterning, we are then able to see clearly what is actually happening as direct experience.

Being able to identify what thoughts, feelings and emotions belong to me and which ones are being artificially induced is the key to holding an authentic state of Beingness.  In this case, I came to realise that these particular thoughts and resulting feelings were not actually mine.

I realised that these thoughts, feelings and emotional responses were an imposition.  I was being beamed by an energy!  After all the experiences I’ve had throughout my life of which many of you reading this are well aware, this energy was something completely different.  It was a level of sophistication I had not yet experienced.  This was a new technology.

I was being Beta Tested!

It was blowback from the matrix, due to the empowering effect of the TGM course for all who attended and the resulting ripple effect in this world and beyond.

As I began to track the source of this “beaming” I was able to identify more than one field of energy.  At first I could literally feel this field of energy all over my body.  Then I detected layers of energy within this generalised field.  

I found layered fields of mind energy, coupled with and triggering fields of amplified emotional energy.

This is mind entrainment technology! 


Tracking back up the path of emanation, I discovered it was being transmitted through the digital cellular network. Its localised source tracked back to the towers themselves. 

The reality is we are immersed in and now live inside of a 3D digital “soup”.  On one level, the phone towers serve to facilitate the phone network and wireless data networks.  On another level (or set of frequencies) the “soup” serves as a digital reality that enables monitoring, influence and ultimately control. 

In other words, the digital “soup” is assimilating us into the reality being created by the Artificial Intelligence that has now taken operational control of this planet. 

We are fully visible and audible inside this digital network. 

The notion that we can only be tracked and monitored through devices such as mobile phones, smart TVs, computers, and physical tracking devices and implants is naïve.

Monitoring technology has streaked ahead, thanks to the controlled release of the technologies used by the breakaway civilization created by the Secret Space Program and its subsidiary corporations and organisations.



The imposition of a digitised reality was well demonstrated in the Matrix movie series.  Sadly, if we are not aware and careful, this movie has the potential to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

There is now a layer of technology that reads the mean harmonic of the frequencies created by the way our individual brain and mind function.  The way we think is a series of thought processes and each of our minds operates uniquely.  Our thought processes give off energy and create an average harmonic, which is a blend of all our thought frequencies.



I was targeted by the use of scanning technology, which can read my unique EMF signature.

This average or mean harmonic is your unique identification signature in the mind matrix.

It is just like an IP Address used to find your computer on the internet so you can receive data such as emails and downloads etc.  This is also how programs such as Facebook and Skype contact your computer for communication purposes.

The manipulation happens in layers.  It goes to levels too difficult for many to comprehend.  I realise and understand that some people struggle with the notion that this is even possible. 

I was able to face this challenge, deal with it directly and overcome it.

My Heart Soul Essence is my point of unity and cohesive oneness with all life.  By drawing on the power of my Heart Soul Essence, I was able to deal with the technologies in the appropriate manner by bringing specific light energies out from within me I was able to eliminate the imposition from my field.  I utilised energies that were beyond the frequency spectrum of the existence and reach of these technologies. These energies I implemented emanated from the unified field of love created by my Soul Level Agreement and relationship I have with the multi-dimensional Earth and Sun.



The results were almost immediate.

There is a huge push to control the population through technologies such as the “digital soup” because it is easier for the controllers to subjugate our will remotely via tech than to do it directly with forces on the ground.  We are becoming awake and aware and we’re no longer falling for the adult fairy-tales they have been selling us for millennia.  Their desperation to apprehend our awareness can now only be achieved through the use of these technologies.

In my opinion, self-awareness of our thoughts feelings and emotions should now be the priority in our lives.

Do not forget you are a Creator Being.  They are not.  They only know how to manipulate. 

We are being manipulated and our creative process is being hijacked. They are influencing us to use our energy and resources to create the reality they want.  They are using us to create our own demise.  This has to stop!

I remember something a Malevolent ET said to me that I have never forgotten:

 “We are making you more like us though by thought, action by action, day by day and you don’t even know it”

The truth is you have all the knowledge, wisdom, power and capabilities within you to deal with this manipulation.  Self-love, self-trust and self-belief are key here.  These qualities are crucial!

We as a Humanity have everything it takes to face this imposition and confront it.

I recommend that this line of inquiry be a major push for us all because we are all being beamed on a daily basis.  What I experienced in a personally targeted format will soon become a broader transmission.  Mind control through technology is the final frontier for complete domination of our Humanity.

Please help by bringing this to the attention of those you feel can make a difference, respectfully and without fear.  We truly need to become more awake and aware to this challenge so we may transcend this imposition in a mature and wise manner.

With love liberation and fortitude

George Kavassilas

I Am Infinite!  


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