The Dance

the dance Apr 10, 2021

Hallo Beautiful People

There is a part of us that seeks the natural experience of life...our heart that just wants what is real. 
In all my years of inter-dimensional experiences I find we tend to fluctuate in and out of that multidimensional state.  We get a taste of life outside the control matrix just for a little while and it feels good, it feels gentle, graceful, peaceful, subtle.  It feels comfortable, harmonious.  It feels… steady. 
And then the more we participate in society, the more we interact with friends and family, media, jobs, work associates, traffic, shopping centres and paying bills etc., we tend to lose it again. 
So why do we find it so difficult to hold that state of Being?

I realise that you likely already know this, but what I find extremely effective is changing our approach and the way we think. 

When we approach an issue or circumstance from a different perspective, we alter our experience of it and its accompanying...


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