Beamed - A Recent Experience

mind control technology Sep 29, 2016

What I am about to share is NOT a fantasy, NOR is it a conspiracy theory. 

This is not about fear mongering.  This is a sharing from a direct experience and is about awareness and empowerment.  

This experience illustrates what is happening all around us. I have been warning of this technology for several years now.

I feel strongly compelled to share this recent experience with you as it affects all of us, without exception. In my opinion, this needs to be one of the major issues front and centre in the freethinking community rather than the circus distraction of the US Election campaign and other associated drama vortexes.


Around 3 days after my TGM course, I started to feel quite drained of energy.  I felt mentally and emotionally challenged in a way that impaired my ability to function with any form of clarity whatsoever.   My body also felt dramatically weakened.

My immediate friends started becoming concerned as it was beginning to...


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