The Dance

the dance Apr 10, 2021

Hallo Beautiful People

There is a part of us that seeks the natural experience of life...our heart that just wants what is real. 
In all my years of inter-dimensional experiences I find we tend to fluctuate in and out of that multidimensional state.  We get a taste of life outside the control matrix just for a little while and it feels good, it feels gentle, graceful, peaceful, subtle.  It feels comfortable, harmonious.  It feels… steady. 
And then the more we participate in society, the more we interact with friends and family, media, jobs, work associates, traffic, shopping centres and paying bills etc., we tend to lose it again. 
So why do we find it so difficult to hold that state of Being?

I realise that you likely already know this, but what I find extremely effective is changing our approach and the way we think. 

When we approach an issue or circumstance from a different perspective, we alter our experience of it and its accompanying challenge.

There seems to be a different kind of energy that wants to pull us out of that quiet, gentle yet strong and harmonious state of other worldly experience we enjoy so very much, and back into the frantic discombobulated state of the societal machine.

The mind’s process during this phase is usually a moment of realisation of peace along with a… wow this feels really good, natural, and then there’s a switch into doubt - insecurity.  It gets to the point where you are forced to question your own sanity because of the overwhelming tide and barrage of the official narrative being continuously projected all around us and at us and through every matrix orifice possible.  And there is a sadness to that, because we drift in and out of states.  It’s like two differing states of mind, two differing states of emotion and even the way we feel in our body because the body is then vibrating in a different field of expressive energy.

We have all had to change the way we are around certain people and limit our expressions of authenticity because if we were to speak and express our multidimensionality freely then the energies and the relationship can become very awkward indeed.

So the fact that we question our own sanity…and that we go from one state to the other, means that there are two different energies at work here.  Now don’t get me wrong, it is healthy to question…this is what I am doing right now, but the point I am making here is the fact that generally speaking there are two generalised states.  There are two states of thought, two states of experience and therefore two states of Being.


"Prove it" I hear the sleepwalkers say.


If there are two different energies at work, then what are these two different energies?  And what are the intentions of each of those energies, and what is the source of those energies and what is their purpose……because they are each trying to achieve something.

As we go through the process of being in the frantic state of society, achingly knowing that there is more to life than what we have been told, “taught”, or actually programed to believe, an experience from the natural vibrations and energies of life comes along for a short while, only to then question that experience because there is this other energy working us again saying, “No, no, no, that is not normal, this is normal”.

I have found generally there are two states of reality! There is reality; what I specifically call the natural reality, the natural multidimensional reality of our self, the universe and beyond.  And then there is the so called “Official Reality” - the rubber stamped version of reality which is the one the status quo abides by.  Our societal structures such as the way we live our lives in the suburbs, the hoards in the shopping centres, news feeds on televisions, radio broadcasts and newspapers, curriculums of schools and universities are all a part of the “Official Reality”.  This has now in recent times, proven itself beyond any shadow of a doubt.

And then when one walks in nature, communes with nature, the plants, the animals etc., the mineral realm, the aquatic realm, the atmospheric realms.  The Earth, the Sun, the Galaxy and the Universal realm, well that is a whole different state of experience and Being.

The fact that there is a push pull, that there is a to-ing and fro-ing, that there is a dance between these two states proves to me that there is an energy with intention doing its best to not allow me/us to venture into this natural state.

Food for thought, something to think about, contemplate and consider, because at this point in time with what limited resources are available to people like us, we do not have the means to measure this energy I speak of, it cannot be placed in a petri dish or proven on an oscilloscope nor manifested in this reality in the way modern science wants it but we do know for a fact that we experience it.

So when we are in doubt all we simply need do is consciously remind ourselves of the times when we had these experiences, revisit them, as they become touchstones for us.  A point of reference… a reminder. 
This way we remember what it felt like.  And the fact that we have experienced this many times over in our lives is a reassurance, incentive and inspiration to our senses, our mind and our state of Being. 

So how much longer are you going to doubt your inner senses?

It’s time to consciously dance between the worlds!


In love liberation fortitude and fun

George Kavassilas


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