4-part seminar series

Know Yourself

As The Sovereign,

Infinite Being You Are

Are you are ready to reclaim the

drivers seat of your life?

The Cosmic Matrix Revealed seminar is for you if you know there is much more to this life and the nature of our reality than humanity have been led to believe.  
You've realised that a false authority, a Matrix system of control has moulded our perception of reality, life and this world.

Get instant access to 6+ hours of video content providing a complete summary of the ‘big picture’ of life, the universe and our infinite nature.

The seminar includes insight into:

  • Our relationship with Mother Earth
  • Our origins beyond this universe
  • The God Matrix
  • How cults operate
  • The intentions behind religious deities and new age leaders

I discuss what The Matrix is and share my understanding and experience of it so that you can:

  • Expand your awareness of life, this Universe and your journey through it.
  • Deepen your understanding of the purpose of your life here on Earth
    Discover the paradigm-breaking reality of the Matrix imposition on Humanity
  • Better deal with life’s challenges when confronted with a challenge, understanding what you are dealing with is a huge advantage.  Understanding allows us to take a big step forward - to move beyond the pain and the paradigm of reality we intend to transcend. 

What is "The Matrix"?

The Matrix is a system.  It's a colossal multi-dimensional system of custodianship and control which comes in many guises.  In my journeys I have seen and experienced the extent of this vast multi-dimensional Matrix, and have come to know what it is and what it is capable of.
It is time to decide - do you want to know the truth?
Are you ready to expand your inner-standing and awareness of Life to a Universal scale... and even beyond?
Are you ready to know yourself as limitless and infinite?
Cosmic Matrix Revealed is an experiential account of Universal knowledge and wisdom, beyond all dogmas and doctrine.  This is me, speaking from my personal experience of other dimensions and realities.
Be prepared, for belief systems and false paradigms will most certainly be challenged and for some they will even be torn down, but in their stead the naked truth arises in its simple and graceful beauty. 

Over 6 hours of video content providing a complete summary of the ‘big picture’ of life, the universe and our infinite nature.


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