Super Woo Radio Episode 040

"Humanity's Heroic Journey"


If you're here to walk the path of Natural Woman/Man - this episode is for you!

In this episode of Super Woo Radio I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down to chat with my dear friend Holly McCann - Founding Co-creator and Vision Whisperer of 'Grail Leadership'
Join us as we unravel Humanity's Heroic Journey

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It was an absolute joy for me recording this episode of SWR with Holly.  We spoke for almost 2.5 hours, and I feel like we could have easily gone on for many more.  The emergence of this conversation began a few weeks prior to recording when I connected with Holly and 3 other amazing women and continued to flow from there.

As I'm sure you can imagine we covered a LOT of ground in this episode.  Here's a snapshot of some of the goodness you can expect:

  • Who is Holly?
  • What was the pivotal moment in her life that brought her to where she is today?
  • Her breakdown to breakthrough moment and what opened up on her 12.12.12 Birthday.
  • The embedded trauma in the collective consciousness and how our remembering can trigger others.
  • Why leaders require a healthy level of narcissism.
  • The journey of integration.
  • What is Grail Leadership? How this creation emerged and what this means for our future.
  • Why the 'Original Intention' is so important to remember
  • How fun, energising, synergistic, and catalysing the energy can be when we co-create with each other in these round table dynamics.
  • Why we need to surrender to the part of ourselves that chose to come here.
  • What true wealth is.
  • The story of ‘Humanity’s Heroic Journey’ and the midwifing process of birthing a new creation.
  • The Unfoldment of the Grail Leadership movement.
  • How much more enjoyable leadership becomes when you surrender to what wants to emerge, rather than a ‘control from the top’ approach.
  • ‘Dynamic Hierarchy’
  • ‘Ancient friendships’ and how we meet each other.
  • The importance of alchemising the shadow.
  • The importance of having people around you who can be with everything that is showing up.
  • Why it’s so vital we fully integrate the Hero/Heroines journey back into wholeness.
  • What is the search for ‘The Wholly Grail’.
  • The turbulence that happens when we push away parts of our selves.
  • Going from ‘bargaining with the Universe’ to leaning into deep level of trust.
  • Going into the abyss of the unknown and being ok with being there.
  • What to ‘do’ when nothing is working.
  • The 'Natural Woman' and 'Natural Man' energy that is emerging
  • Holly’s ‘enough is enough’ moment and how it deepened her understanding of the masculine/feminine energy dynamics.
  • The emasculation of man.
  • The field that is being created around natural Womb-an.
  • Why I say “Woman are the one’s with natural authority”.
  • The emergence of a whole new expression of the Universal Mother.
  • How we stay out of the drama vortex by fully stepping into our co-creative process.

And SO much more.

I truly hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it. And please share with your friends and family who you think will also appreciate hearing this information.  I no longer rely on social media channels, as I chose to no longer engage those eco systems a few years ago now, so your shares truly mean a lot to me and my work.

In Love Liberation and Fortitude,




Special Guest: Holly McCann
Recorded: June, 2020
Running Time: 2hr 24mins
Language: English

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