Super Woo Radio Episode 049

"Dimensional Change in Responsibility"

Updates, actions and interdimensional challenges ...

In this episode of Super Woo Radio I'm joined once again by Steve Whybrow & Eril Kaya.

In this follow up interview with these two gentleman we talk about the change in responsibility, recent experiences, challenges and so much more!


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Here's a little snapshot of just a few of the things Steve, Eril and I cover in this episode:

+ Shifting into a new dimension and the change of responsibilities

+ Consent and the engineering of consent and how it relates to our natural authority

+ Why the dark forces need our consent

+ Working on building a new community

+ Stepping into that space of being responsible creator beings

+ Our inner journey and the dialogue we have with ourselves

+ Working with the energy of the land and sacred places

+ What goes on with the energetics of the land and why the dark forces don't want us to connect with the land

+ Our natural right and natural authority

+ What the dark forces don't want us to remember

+ Exposing the psychology of the dark forces

+ Your inner intelligence

+ The Pyramids of Austria

And so much more…

I trust you will enjoy this episode of  Super Woo Radio, and please share with your friends and family who you think will also appreciate and benefit from hearing this information.  I no longer rely on social media channels, as I chose to no longer engage those eco systems a few years ago now, so your shares truly mean a lot to me and my work.  Heartfelt thanks & gratitude.

In Love Liberation and Fortitude,


Special Guest: Steve Whybrow & Eril Kaya
Recorded: April 2021
Running Time: 2hr 08mins
Language: English


Steve Whybrow

In the year 2017, I made a conscious Decision to focus on following my Life’s Purpose and dedicate my Life towards creating a new World that is in Harmony with Natural Law Principles, the Principles upon which the Universe is founded upon. I was studying to become a Teacher for Mathematics and History at the University of Vienna at that time. But when I first found out about the imminent roll-out of 5G-Technology throughout the World – and the devastating consequences that could result in for Humanity and the Natural World – I knew intuitively that it was time to step up my Game and become a Force to be reckoned with. 
My Intention in that lonely night of 2017, facing the Reality of quitting everything I had ever worked for up to this point, was simply: Dear Universe – I am now ready to serve the Forces of Nature to prevent the Destruction of our Planet and co-create a new World together with my Human Family.

Eril Kaya

Shaman ERIL KAYA is also a Medium, Wayseer and Interdimensional Experiencer. A researcher of Gnosticism and the spiritual realms beyond this one.

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