Super Woo Radio Episode 050

"The Journey and wisdom of an Australian Originie Elder"

An Australian story of rememberance, culture and connection to country ...

In this episode of Super Woo Radio I am very honoured to be joined by a good friend and Australian Originie Elder, Uncle AL.

In this special interview, Uncle AL will be sharing his knowledge, his wisdom and so much more!


Audio Only

Here's a little snapshot of just a few of the things Uncle AL and I cover in this episode:

+ Uncle AL's story and journey

+ How challenges become opportunities

+ The fragility of life and dealing with reality

+ Coming to terms with mortality

+ The importance of awareness

+ What it means to acknowledge the past, respect the present and to inspire the future

+ The effects of being put into a box that measure success

+ Being told for the first time that his biological parents were First Nation people and what that meant to him

+ Uncle AL's journey to finding his Mob

+ Finding his Grandmother

+ Cultural wisdom, cultural awareness and cultural understanding and what that means

+ The Ancient wisdom that is the foundation and that is often as elusive as the wind

+ Feeling the energy of Country

+ Going Walkabout

+ Sitting in circle with children

+ How the lands speaks to us

+ The shift of humanity


And so much more…

I trust you will enjoy this episode of  Super Woo Radio, and please share with your friends and family who you think will also appreciate and benefit from hearing this information.  I no longer rely on social media channels, as I chose to no longer engage those eco systems a few years ago now, so your shares truly mean a lot to me and my work.  Heartfelt thanks & gratitude.

In Love Liberation and Fortitude,


Special Guest: Uncle Al
Recorded: June 2021
Running Time: 2hrs
Language: English

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