Super Woo Radio Episode 051

"Natural Woman & Ancient Yogic Wisdom"

In this episode of Super Woo Radio I am super excited to be joined by a beautiful friend of mine - Tahnee Mason. 

In this special interview, Tahnee will be sharing some of her personal journey, her passions & practices and so much more!.


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Here's a little snapshot of just a few of the things Tahnee and I cover in this episode:

+ Tahnee’s personal story

+ Being authentic and what that means

+ How natural yoga has played an integral part of Tahnee’s life

+ Natural yoga and the body

+ Questioning everything from an early age

+ Learning to trust not only oneself but to trust others

+ Understanding leadership

+ Owning her own responsibility and self-reflection

+ Having a strong knowledge of self

+ Beautiful experiences of powerful and authentic connections

+ Being the prime creator of our experiences

+ Aligning self-responsibility with sovereignty

+ Runes and their connection to nature and how we have lost that organic relationship with natural symbols

+ Tanyee’s personal relationship with herbs and all the aspects of their being

+ Ancient Yogic and Taoist principles and practices

+ The importance of being in service to children's spiritual and human development

 And so much more…

I trust you will enjoy this episode of  Super Woo Radio, and please share with your friends and family who you think will also appreciate and benefit from hearing this information.  I no longer rely on social media channels, as I chose to no longer engage those eco systems a few years ago now, so your shares truly mean a lot to me and my work.  Heartfelt thanks & gratitude.

In Love Liberation and Fortitude,


Special Guest: Tahnee Mason
Recorded: July 2021
Running Time: 2hr 05mins
Language: English


Tahnee Mason

Tahnee is interested in the language of the body and the exploration of its stories. She aligns with the ancient wisdom of the Yogic and Daoist traditions to help her students transcend the limitations of the mind and experience freedom by connecting to their own inner teacher. Curiosity, an open mind and a sense of adventure is what Tahnee brings to the Yoga conversation (with a slight obsession for the subtler realms of experience).

Tahnee stumbled upon Yoga young, at 15, through her high school in Far North Queensland, and dabbled in many styles through her late teens and early 20's. The discovery of Yin Yoga in her mid 20’s changed everything. Tahnee founded the studio Yoga for All in Newcastle, NSW, in 2013 (which she no longer owns but is incredibly proud of).

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