Super Woo Radio Episode 039

"Slavery or Sovereignty"


If you can see beyond the illusions of this reality, this episode is for you!

In this episode of Super Woo Radio we go back to the beginning ~ to where the ‘Our Journey Home’ story started. 
Jason and I began OJH together back in 2010, so it seemed fitting to have him as my very first guest of Super Woo Radio ReBEarth!

Audio Only

This is an episode that I am super excited to release.  Not only do we share a bit about our journeys over the past 10 years, we delve deep into what’s REALLY going on in the world right now.  Jason drops some big pieces of information ~ and everyone who is here to see beyond the illusions of this reality really needs to hear it.

Knowledge is power and clarity is freedom.  And it’s only when we truly know what we are up against, that we are able to make the choices that keep us living life as the Sovereign Infinite Creator Beings we truly are.

Be sure to stick around right to the end, as the context of what is shared really comes together.

The links to material referenced in the podcast can be found here:

UFOs for the 21st Century Mind A Fresh Guide to an Ancient Mystery

The Choice is Freedom or Slavery – Catherine Austin Fitts

Solari Report

Covid-19 The Rappoport Series 

I trust you will enjoy this very first episode of the new Super Woo Radio, and please share with your friends and family who you think will also appreciate hearing this information.  I no longer rely on social media channels, as I chose to no longer engage those eco systems a few years ago now, so your shares truly mean a lot to me and my work.

In Love Liberation and Fortitude,


Special Guest: Jason Bawden-Smith
Recorded: 25 June, 2020
Running Time: 1hr 46mins
Language: English

Jason Bawden-Smith is a dynamic and successful entrepreneur, environmental scientist and author. He’s best known for his success in solving complex problems and turning them into multimillion dollar companies. But behind the scenes his real passion lies around self-realisation and seeking the answers to life’s biggest questions.

 Jason holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Environmental Science. His research work during his short career in academia was published in Medical Journal of Australia and presented at numerous national and international environmental conferences. Jason has also published 2 books - Making Waves – How I fought off Sharks To Swim With Dolphins and In The Dark – New Ways To Avoid The Harmful Effects Of Living in a Technologically Connected World

 Jason has founded 4 companies during his business career including one of largest and most successful contaminated land consultancy companies in Australia. Jason likes to rise the cusp of the wave and introduced portable analytical technology, touted as an ‘impossible application’ by the manufacturer, that is now found on many exploration and mine sites around the world.


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