Super Woo Radio Episode 055

"A Wink from a Guru"

In this episode of Super Woo Radio I am honoured to finally meet and connect with a local, Aaron Shultz - another brother in life. 


In this special interview, Aaron shares wisdom from his many life experiences and how it has guided him to leading the way to empower men in all walks of life by awakening to what we are meant to be.


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Here's a little snapshot of just a few of the things Aaron and I cover in this episode:

+ Shares the loss of a close friend who took his own life and the deep impact of that

+ Experiencing feelings of loneliness and unsupported – apart from the tribe

+ Anxiety and the physical body as self awareness

+ The trap of avoiding judgment and seeking acceptance from outside the self

+ What is life about?

+ Higher levels of consciousness

 + That moment of wanting to take one’s own life and a gift of tomatoes from a neighbour as a turning point

+ The strength of vulnerability from childhood experiences with cellular memory

+ Solutions and options -in the book for the reader for distress and despair

+ Importance of the morning light to the body and wellbeing and connection with nature for energy

+ Coming back to the truth!  Staying true to self

+ Challenges -v- easy way out

+ Slow brain and connection to heart and self healing – turning inward

+ “Covidian Cult” on Earth – trauma based mind control technique via the media and impact to everyone and the impermanence

+ Lifetime hiccups – they all pass and we can move through them without being caught up in it

+ Awareness of our physical body to know what works and what doesn’t

+ All Government departments are corporate entities – each one is run as a corporate business

+ Evolution of life and the fork in the road – standing true in our values

+ Compassion for belief systems of others

+ Current agenda imbalanced and unnatural – raising questions

+ Pure oneness of a human and what our role is on this planet

+ Foundation to come back to pure balance of who you are

+ Immune system cycle, imbalance and nature’s support as our foundation

+ Our co-creation with the Universe and re-evaluate all the narratives in this world and what we are meant to be

+ More than one entity as a starting point to everything

+ Connecting with the heart – union with everything

+ Timelines and shifts

+ Suicidal statistical deceit

+ Does Covid really exist?

+ Re-evaluating our belief systems with the bigger picture

+ Natural world  - Natural Man and Natural Woman – being pulled away from our Spirit

+ Mind control in society today - #1 problem to abuse and violation

+ Ways to be wise and smart to be re-natured

+ Humans reconnecting to their identity and pure self

+ Guidance for the future evolution one step at a time

+ Government: Govern – control / ment – mind = controlling the mind

+ Beautiful Heart, Soul, Spirit, Mind – can live from that- the gift of our human experience

+ Support for courage to change

+ Nature the remedy!

+ Importance of body wisdom and eco system

+ Shifting and returning home

+ Encouraging to send in questions for clarity for going through the future

 And so much more…

I trust you will enjoy this episode of  Super Woo Radio, and please share with your friends and family who you think will also appreciate and benefit from hearing this information.  I no longer rely on social media channels, as I chose to no longer engage those eco systems a few years ago now, so your shares truly mean a lot to me and my work. Heartfelt thanks & gratitude.

In Love Liberation and Fortitude,


Special Guest: Aaron Shultz
Recorded: January 2022
Running Time: 1hr 46mins
Language: English


Aaron Shultz

Aaron has written a Book “A Wink from a Guru”.  His book wants to show people you can change a lot if you want to and it does not have to be how society lays it out for you.

Aaron has worked in many diverse areas including mental health, correctional services, as a yoga teacher, and many other roles including corporate, to name a few.

Aaron’s website - (web undergoing change) – Outback Mind is a foundation to support men’s wellbeing and seek funding for regional communities to build capacity to share for the empowerment of men. 

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