"Your work, life and experiences so far are the most complete, true and helpful than anything else I've read, heard and watched before." - Michał J.

Hear from community members, course participants and mentorees.

"To those who are truly seeking freedom from the programs of limitations imposed on us with all the pain associated and never getting anywhere to truly experience inner-standing of who we are and why we are here, I highly recommend doing TGM and closure if your aim is to achieve freedom; it has been the greatest gift I have given myself and I feel both privileged and honored to have participated. With love and gratitude."


"Thank you so very much George! I hope you understand how much you are helping so many many people especially during these "crazy" times. I know I speak for many souls on the planet when I say you are a huge inspiration to All of us even though many of us know the truth mentally you help us Embody the truth step by step. Thank You"


"I want to say a heartfelt thank you George for the amazing gifts you bring into this world and to express my gratitude in being able to benefit from them myself. I found your session truly transformational and inspirational. You intuition is uncanny accurate. Over many years of self development, I have ventured out in numerous modalities of healing; I found your approach beautifully simple and practical, focusing on the core that lead to a vast validation of my entire life and left me feeling truly Infinite. I did not know how easily I can join the multi-dimensional aspects of myself during one session with you, leading to so much clarity, understanding and peacefulness in my life. Forever grateful."

Elena, Australia

"George is one of the most powerful teachers I have worked with. His work is not superficial, it runs deep. The things I've learned from him about the wisest way to navigate our way through the matrix of control, through the destruction of the western nations and the loss of Liberty, is some of the most important things I've learned in my life. The reason I loved my private session with him is I got to ask really basic questions in great detail, tracing them back to their source until I understood them on a deep and thorough level. The deep understanding I acquired allowed me to break through and grow in leaps and bounds. I need to listen to his workshop teachings repeatedly. New layers get revealed every time I listen. He is one of the most gentle, loving, and humble human beings I have ever met. And the things he has learned! Don't hesitate to have tea with this man!"

Eileen, USA

"I’m on a journey of revisiting a process that helps me to become more authentic and sovereign, so one of my biggest realisations is to accept the power within me. To accept it in the levels that I need to use it in a different way to how I have been feeling and expressing my power. It makes you more alive, more aware and more responsible. So my thanks goes to my Soul and to George for providing the opening process and for that I am very grateful – Thank you."

Victoria, Australia

"I feel the programing has lifted and I’m looking forward to putting more of this in practice. I feel so much more free now to be me even though I felt that before it was really cliché and I did not really feel it on the deeper levels. Now I am truly free to be me…I’m there! George thank you for facilitating this I really appreciate it and I hope we get to see a bit more of you. Peace."

Andrew, Australia

"For over 6 years, I have been listening to George Kavassilas’s interviews and workshops and even meeting online with him in several personal sessions. I am not the same person as I was before, as attested to those who know me. This information is transforming, enlightening and powerful, as long as it is not taken lightly. Reading “Our Universal Journey” over and over and even listening to the audio CDs every night before bed is what it took for me to feel the deep knowing (“ah-ha” moments) of the journey I am on. The book is still revealing messages to me after all this time. George is the only person I know of who is sharing the revealing information of how we came into this existence, where we are now, and where we are headed. George doesn’t want followers; he wants us to feel the truth that resonates within us, and it is a blessing to have discovered this wisdom in order to transcend the boundaries placed upon us. Thanks again, George, for taking on this mission."


"Thank you for the priceless sharing of your wonderful wisdom, and for showing the bravest of your qualities:- your vulnerability.
 You have helped me reinstate the assurance that everything I have ever wanted is inside of me, I have known about this from memory, but with time it had  become blurred and stripped of its authenticity.  Since last night, you have ignited in me this knowing and it is alive again and on all levels, and this is what I have been longing for. This is the memory of the real, authentic me from when I was little. Aside from my childhood, I have had this experience in the past, but I always felt invalidated as if something was trying to rob me of it. I want to present to you my greatest and deepest appreciation for what we shared at the end of the webinar.  Your acknowledgement, reconciliation, gratitude, embrace, and release are palpable."

Anne Marie

"George speaks truth. That is, he describes reality objectively. His ideas function as an intellectual razor, cutting off entire categories of ideas now rendered useless. The empty space that remains is a bit unnerving at first. But it allows one's own life and power to become more apparent. This is more supportive and satisfying than anything that was there before.  I can see how this power will enable us to meet the challenges that confront us: hostile alien gods, 5G, Agenda 2030, AI-managed global social credit system. To say nothing of our own health, relationship, and financial issues. So many thanks to George and everyone or supporting his work."


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George and the Our Journey Home Team